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Highland Tourism is an independent Community Interest Company working with leaders in the business and wider community who are invested in, and passionate about, the Highlands and its sustainable future. 

Our aim is to influence and change thinking through championing and nurturing innovation, to help create vibrant, sustainable, and resilient Highland communities with tourism at its heart as we re-grow our economy into the 21st Century. 

We are an inclusive organisation here to collaborate and assist all within the business and wider community. We are not a DMO. That is a job best done at a local level. 

Through thorough research,
we believe there is an opportunity to work with the business and wider community to reposition the Highlands as a conscious travel destination – thus supporting the Scottish Government’s ambitions for a sustainable future.

Conscious Hosts use and support local suppliers and can express a powerful, compelling and unique SENSE OF PLACE in its mix of people, culture, history, geography and economy such that the guest knows that their travels have brought them to a place that cares, causing the recipient to be touched or transformed in some way.

Highland Tourism will generate, support, and implement initiatives that will enhance the Highlands as a conscious travel destination in a way that will benefit the community at large. If this means we challenge the way we have always done things, it will be because we believe there is a better way for the benefit of the Highlands.

“The Highlands has an outstanding natural environment with a very rich cultural heritage. Putting that together with the rich tapestry of experiences the Highlands has to offer, the tourism product is well suited to tomorrow’s visitor. However the business of tourism is fragmented and not conducive to managing the recovery planning process required following the Pandemic.


“The Highland Tourism Industry uniting with a clear message based around conscious travel will reap great rewards for visitors, businesses, communities, the environment and future generations. Having been advising on Destination Development in the Highlands for many years, this is an obvious next step and I would encourage you all to take this opportunity to create something great for tourism in the Highlands.” Professor Terry Stevens, International Destination Specialist


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We would welcome hearing from all businesses and organisations that support the development of Highland Tourism. Get in touch on info@highlandtourism.org  



We’re proud to work with Destination Organisations and Community Groups throughout the Highlands – find out more here

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