About Us

Highland Tourism is a new community interest company

Highland Tourism was set up to address key issues and opportunities in the Highlands including the climate change imperative.

Highland Tourism is a new community interest company set up to work alongside businesses in the Highlands to respond to challenges and opportunities created by the Covid Pandemic. 


Escape to the Highlands is an exciting new marketing campaign – a product of Highland Tourism, set up for the benefit of businesses and communities in the Highlands and as an opportunity for all.  The initiative is being (voluntarily) led by Yvonne Crook, Director of
Good Highland Food and Sam Faircliff, Managing Director of Cairngorm Brewery (more on them both later!) Yvonne and Sam are passionate about the need and the opportunity for the Highlands to reposition itself following the Covid Pandemic with the goal – a visitor economy that regenerates not extracts; that evolves and gets better over time instead of becoming over used and run down. 


Taking account of leading international best practice, the focus is on ‘Conscious Travel’. We are delighted to already have the support of a number of leaders and businesses in the Highlands and are now looking to expand our network – as individuals we can make smaller steps forward but as a collective group we can create a movement that gathers more and more similar minded business leaders who can, and will, make a real difference.

’The Focus of the Conscious travel movement is on the leadership capacity within the community’
The Conscious Travel Movement

Conscious Hosts

…Are viewed as a positive force for good in their local community

… Understand the essentials of ‘conscious marketing’ recognising that all business is now social in nature and revolves around
sustaining trusted relationships with all stakeholders listening, dialogue, give and take, collaboration and co-creation. 


Conscious Hosts are adept at using digital technologies to attract, engage and inspire their guests.

…Use and support local suppliers

… Can Express a powerful, compelling unique SENSE OF PLACE such that the guest knows that their travels have, indeed,
brought them to a place that cares, causing the recipient be touched or transformed in some way
source: https://conscioustourism.wordpress.com/conscioushosts/

As a result of developing and practicing these capacities, the Conscious Host will be able to deliver above average rates of return to investors; generate the highest new benefit to the host community; and enjoy high rates of referral and a positive reputation in the market place Highland Tourism will aim to be brand ambassadors for the Highlands driving a ‘conscious hosts’ campaign in the community, whist working with businesses to design and deliver transformative experiences, Firmly positioning the Highlands as a Place that Cares. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in working with us – whether as a destination, community organisation or individual business or you may be a public sector agency with a shared message for the community.

Yvonne works with her husband Mike as Director of Good Highland Food,Yvonne also has a strategic marketing agency – View Marketing and has had a successful career in establishing, branding, positioning and marketing Destination Management Organisations throughout the Highlands, Scotland, the UK and Europe.


Yvonne Crook, co-founder and chair, 

Highland Tourism CIC

Sam is Managing Director of Cairngorm Brewery. Sam in her role, previously, as Chair of the then Cairngorms Chamber of Commerce, was directly involved in the development of the Cairngorms Business Partnership with other business leaders.

Sam Faircliff, co-founder and vice-chair,

Highland Tourism CIC

Andrew Mackay, Director, Highland Tourism CIC

Chris O’Brien, Director, Highland Tourism CIC

Fiona Larg, Director, Highland Tourism CIC

Stuart McColm, Director, Highland Tourism CIC

Willie Cameron, Director, Highland Tourism CIC