Be a preferred Supplier

CIC welcomes all businesses with a sustainable vision and working towards a sustainable mission who will ultimately support the development of a strong, industry-led future for tourism in the Highlands.


Highland Tourism is fundraising, and donations are sought from suppliers who support the sustainable leadership direction of Highland Tourism CIC and who would like to use Highland Tourism CIC as a marketing platform. Please contact any director to discuss your wish to support Highland Tourism CIC.




This is a guide to annual donations sought:
Under 100k turnover
100k-500k turnover
£500k - £1m turnover
£1m- £3m
£3m - £5m
£5m - £7m
£7m - £10m
£10m - £15m
£15m - £20m
over £20m
In return for your support Highland Tourism CIC will:

Provide the opportunity for a representative of your company to become a Highland Tourism Ambassador with a platform to be interviewed and featured as part of Highland Tourism’s e-news bulletin schedule

Present support including full details of the suppliers product / distribution as well as sustainable mission on Highland Tourism E news issued to over 1,000 tourism stakeholders in the Highlands 

Add details of your supplier support to our industry web site and on our visitor facing web site (launching early spring 2022) 

Add 2/3 posts per year to social media channels

Provide opportunities to participate in annual online and off-line  networking

Contact Yvonne Crook or Sam Faircliff for more information and an
opportunity to discuss sponsorship of Highland Tourism in more detail.


Yvonne Crook  |  |  0771 8584245


Sam Faircliff  |  |  07803 941111