Be an Ambassador

Representing a sustainable mission for Highland Tourism

The Focus of the Conscious travel movement is on the leadership capacity within the community


…Are viewed as a positive force for good in their local community

… Understand the essentials of ‘conscious marketing’ recognising that all business is now social in nature and revolves around sustaining trusted relationships with all stakeholders listening, dialogue, give and take, collaboration and co-creation. Conscious Hosts are adept at using digital technologies to attract, engage and inspire their guests.


…Use and support local suppliers


… Can Express a powerful, compelling unique SENSE OF PLACE such that the guest knows that their travels have, indeed, brought them to a place that cares, causing the recipient be touched or transformed in some way


Role of a Ambassador/Conscious Host

  • Shared values / Shared Philosophy
  • Have a sustainable vision / mission or are working towards one
  • Be a Conscious Host
  • Share the Highland Tourism story, gather support from your colleagues, business
  • associates, communities, counsellors, politicians and tourism influencers
“Individually we are one entity. Collectively we are a community. Cooperatively we can be a better Highlands.”