Conscious Travel

Encouraging a deeper understanding of people and place
Through thorough research, we believe there is an opportunity to work with the business and wider community to reposition the Highlands as a conscious travel destination – thus supporting the Scottish Government’s ambitions for a sustainable future.

'The Focus of the Conscious travel movement is on the leadership capacity within the community'

The Conscious Travel Movement​

What does it mean to be a Conscious Host?

Conscious Hosts are viewed as a positive force for good in their local community and they understand the essentials of ‘conscious marketing’, recognising that all business is now social in nature and revolves around sustaining trusted relationships with all stakeholders listening, dialogue, give and take, collaboration and co-creation. Conscious hosts are adept at using digital technologies to attract, engage and inspire their guests.

Conscious Hosts use and support local suppliers and can express a powerful, compelling unique SENSE OF PLACE, in its unique mix of people, culture, history, geography and economy and regardless of scale is distinctively different from the place they call “home. such that the guest knows that their travels have, brought them to a place that cares, causing the recipient to be touched or transformed in some way


Highland Tourism Conscious Hosts are a diverse range of businesses from across the tourism community in the Highlands of Scotland with a shared ethos in offering conscious experiences to visitors.


Message to domestic and International Visitors:

“Welcome to the Highlands - Get lost in the wild beauty and find a new you. Reflect, refresh, feel enriched and leave nothing but footprints.”

Tips for being a more conscious traveller:
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Must-See Natural Attractions
An ancient landscape, the Highlands of Scotland’s wild expanse is a treat for the senses with unforgettable mountains, lochs, seas and skies.

Food and Drink
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Our produce is world-famous, and shipped to restaurants and bars across the globe. We’ll let you in on a secret – It’s even better at home.

Top Picks 
A rotating selection of things to see and do in the Highlands. The hardest part of our job is picking a favourite! Check back regularly for updated recommendations. 

Family Fun

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With so much to explore, there’s something for everybody in the Highlands. Amazing activities and experiences for every interest and age.

What’s On: events in the Highlands

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Your guide events and experiences in the Highlands. You won’t want to miss out on these!

Art and culture

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From contemporary galleries and artisan craft makers to museums with stories to tell and Highland hoolies celebrating our Ceilidh culture of music, dance and hospitality. Find out more about art and culture in the Highlands here.