Professor Terry Stevens

Highland Tourism Talks

Pictured: Professor Terry Stevens

Internationally renowned destination specialist and author, Professor Terry Stevens, will deliver the first Highland Tourism Talks online event on Tuesday, 23 March which has already received an overwhelming response from the tourism community, with hundreds of individuals now registered.

Thought to be one of the largest gatherings of tourism businesses in the region since the pandemic began, the event, which is free to attend for all who operate in the Highland tourism industry. It will offer a platform to consider and discussthe implications of the pandemic on tourism, the requirement for new business models and greater emphasis on leadership. 

Prof. Stevens said: “Tourism has changed forever. The next 10-15 years will be a time of unprecedented experimentation where old formulas no longer hold true. 

“The Highlands has an outstanding natural environment with a very rich cultural heritage. Putting that together with the rich tapestry of experiences the Highlands has to offer, the tourism product is well suited to tomorrow’s visitor. At present, the business of tourism in the Highlands is fragmented and not conducive to managing the recovery process required following the pandemic. During the presentation on 23 March we will explore the opportunities that taking a conscious travel approach can bring to the Highlands. The Highland tourism industry, uniting with a clear message based around conscious travel, will reap great rewards for visitors, businesses, communities, the environment and future generations.”

Highland Tourism is worth £541m, employs 19,000 people and ’the Highlands’ is the second best known brand in Scotland after Edinburgh in a global market place, yet there is no industry body to manage the Highland brand and present the Highlands as a global destination. Highland Tourism is a Community Interest Company facilitating and harnessing the energy of the industry to lead on recovery from the Covid pandemic.

Yvonne Crook, Highland Tourism co-founder said: “We appreciate the fantastic response we’ve had to this, the first of our Tourism Talks, with Professor Terry Stevens. Together we have been analysing Highland tourism statistics and we are looking forward to sharing the results of that and considering what the future could hold for a united tourism industry. These really are unprecedented times and with a real collaborative effort we can put ourselves in a position to bounce back from the pandemic by taking our destiny into our own hands.”

Highland Tourism Talks – first presentation by Professor Terry Stevens, Internationally renowned destination specialist, will present to the Highland tourism community and all stakeholders on Tuesday 23rd of March 2021 at 11:30. The event is free to attend and those interested can register here: