Nessie tourism centre seeking staff ahead of new season

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald

It’s a legend that has intrigued and enthralled for centuries.

Now, aspiring Nessie-hunters will be thrilled to learn that the Loch Ness Centre is recruiting for staff in advance of its imminent re-opening. The centre is also looking for Nessie’s number one fan to preview the upgraded attraction before opening to the public.

For one of Scotland’s most famous tourist destinations, the new recruitment drive follows the refurbishment of the centre after Continuum Attractions took over earlier this year, investing £1.5m on upgrades to enhance the visitor experience of exploring the legend and myths of Loch Ness.

As part of its recruitment plan, the centre is on the hunt for Nessie’s number one fan to fulfil a special role. Ahead of opening the lucky candidate will be the first to try and test the unique one-hour tour. The newly upgraded tour will offer a truly immersive experience allowing guests to become part of the story and delve deeper into the real stories of Loch Ness.

During the tour guests will go through seven rooms to explore the real story of one of the world’s most famous monsters, uncover ancient myths and legends, take a journey through the majestic Highlands and learn about the scientific research.