Otter Adventures

Otter Adventures launched in May 2017 and aspire to be an outstanding provider of multi-activity authentic adventures that educate, inform and inspire whilst also recognising their social and environmental responsibilities.

Otter Adventures strives to do this through small group activities and adventurous experiences that are tailored to the abilities of each private booking, by exceeding their expectations and leaving them with unforgettable memories of wild places.

As the business grows and becomes financially more established, Otter Adventures will do more to support local communities by providing social opportunities and employment as well as directly into the economy by buying food direct from local crofts and producers. In time they hope to embed the climate emergency message deeper into their operations and outward facing communications and, in doing so, raise awareness of the need to take action at a local level for a global improvement.

Otter Adventures hope to make a positive contribution to sustainable tourism and support, as well as develop, opportunities for local people and businesses in their small, rural communities across Ardnamurchan and Morvern.