Scotland’s Rural College reveals range of activities for pet owners Royal Highland Show stall

Deadline News – Angus Coleman

SCOTLAND’S Rural College (SRUC) is bringing its expertise to life through a wide range of family-friendly activities at its Royal Highland Show stand later this month.

The stand will provide an introduction to the courses offered at SRUC’s campuses across Scotland and its research, as well as the chance to talk to some of the country’s top experts in their field.

Researchers from SRUC’s Animal Science team are asking visitors to identify poo samples and match them with Top Trump-style cards.

Meanwhile at the Wildlife and Conservation Management stand, visitors will be able to see evolutionary adaptions in native and non-native animals and test their knowledge of what different species look like under the flesh with an animal skulls quiz.

Dog owners will be offered the opportunity to get their pets weighed while learning more about issues with canine obesity and how this makes them more susceptible to heat stroke during the summer months.

Horse lovers can perfect their riding technique on Polly the mechanical horse, which enables riders to improve their balance, strength and co-ordination.

Future vets will be invited to handle post-mortem samples from a two-dimensional model of a cow, play an interactive game or learn more about SRUC’s School of Veterinary Medicine at various drop-in sessions.

Visitors can learn about the journey of food from harvest to retail, and the science of milk with experts from the UK Research & Innovation-funded Digital Dairy Chain.

SRUC Vice Principal Caroline Bysh said: “Our theme this year is ‘World of Difference’ demonstrating our ambition to become a different type of university.