Tourism Ministers Call for Public and Private Sector Collaboration

Leading tourism ministers from across the globe have urged both the public and private sectors to come together to save the travel and tourism industry.


The plea came at the World Travel and Tourism Council’s (WTTC’s) annual global summit 2021, held in Cancun.

In a global leaders’ dialogue session, leaders discussed how the travel and tourism sector could revive international travel and support global economic recovery.

Gloria Guevara, president and CEO at the WTTC, said: “The debate today enabled leading ministers to share their thoughts about how the sector can tackle the pressing issues of how to save jobs, save businesses and save the global  economy by safely reviving international travel.

“It was hugely encouraging to see there was common agreement by all those attending that  collaboration and cooperation between the public and private sector, would lead the way for revival of international travel.”

The global summit took place under the theme ‘uniting the world for recovery’, and represented the first global in-person travel and tourism event.

While ministers from across the globe acted on behalf of the public sector, the private sector was represented by a number of travel and tourism CEO’s, including Andrea Grisdale of IC Bellagio, and Dan Richards of Global Rescue.