Tourists can now enjoy an immersive audio tour whilst travelling on the West Highland Line

Rail Advent – Chloe White

Tourists travelling on the can now enjoy its brand new audio tour, which offers an immersive experience for one of the most scenic railway lines in the world.

The audio tour has been created in collaboration with , Geotourist and the University of and is part of a bid to lift the travel experience by providing interesting detail pointing out the history, culture and the West Highlands’ incredible natural beauty.

The is renowned for its well-known destinations, which include , Ben Nevis and the iconic Viaduct.

The line also features many popular film locations, from blockbusters and cult classics such as ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘Local Hero’.

As tourism is a growth industry for , the initiative has recognised the value of offering an immersive experience for tourists from all over the world.

It is expected that the project will encourage tourism whilst supporting local communities and businesses which feature along the route. ScotRail also recently introduced Highland Explorer carriages, which are more geared towards tourism and active travel. 

is just one of 20 other organisations to work with Geotourist to create audio tours to enhance customer experience, enjoyment and understanding through a bespoke narrative.

The audio tour can be found at ScotRail’s website or via Geotourist’s easy-to-use mobile app. The tour’s content has been carefully put together to feature historical insights, local stories and points of interest as passengers travel on the route. The tour aims to please all, whether they be history boffins, lovers of nature, or just out to enjoy the impressive West Highlands.

The project will discover and assess the unique financial and social benefits that Geotourist’s approach will bring to tourism in Scotland with the results being released in a paper written by Dr Keith Dinnie of the University of . Dr Dinnie and Geotourist CEO Shaon Talukder will also write further an industry report. There will also be an online event held for stakeholders of the Scottish tourist industry.

The project has been funded via the Scottish Inward Investment Catalyst Fund, which is administered by Interface, which oversees both funding and collaboration work for Scotland’s universities, colleges and research institutes.