Wild Roots Highland Guiding

Wild Roots Highland Guiding is a mountain guiding company with nature and environment at its heart.


Our walking journeys are carefully curated to experience a variety of natural and human history in breath taking settings. Whilst some of our journeys do reach Munro summits we believe that this is only a small part of a mountain experience. We hope that through experiencing the rich stories of Highland landscapes, people will gain a deeper connection with nature. This is fundamental in order to create a sustainable future for both people and planet.  

Our guided day walks and wild camping experiences are led by a qualified Mountain Leader. They cover a variety of terrain, from low level paths to rugged mountain tops. Whether someone is taking their first steps into the mountains or is a seasoned hill walker we offer a suitable level of challenge for them.  

Our approach is inquisitive. We encourage our clients to observe their surroundings and ask questions about what they see as we walk. We take the time to stop, observe and understand all of the elements that come together to make Highland landscapes so special. In doing so we create opportunities for clients to consider their place in an environment and their impact upon it.  

As part of each journey there is also potential for clients to improve their technical skills and confidence in relation to mountain environments. This may include things such as navigation, route finding and, on multiday journeys, camp craft. The aim is that clients will gain knowledge and skills to take away to inspire their own adventures in the future. 

Environmental sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Most of our journeys are accessible by public transport and we encourage vehicle sharing to reduce milage where possible. All the resources and equipment we provide are sourced from companies with strong green credentials, with the majority being UK based companies. The catering for our multiday treks is all vegetarian and provided by a local chef using as much produce from within the Highlands as possible. This reduces the carbon footprint of each journey. We hope that all of this feeds into our overarching belief that reconnecting people with the natural world and encouraging them to think about their impact on it is essential for a sustainable future.    

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