Zero Waste Scotland

Zero Waste Scotland

Join this free training webinar to become a CPD-certified Green Champion


Rising energy costs, the climate emergency and increasing consumer pressure continue to challenge the way that businesses across Scotland manage their environmental performance. 

Our online Green Champions training course is already helping organisations across Scotland prepare for this challenge by providing knowledge, tried-and-tested techniques, best practice examples, and free tools and templates.

This webinar, designed for small and medium sized enterprises, will pack the entire Green Champions planning modules into one session. Join and get the skills and knowledge over 2,800 other professionals have already learnt through the Green Champions training course.

You’ll find out about the changing resource landscape and the growing need to be resource efficient, before learning how to gather valuable data from around your organisation to help you plan improvement projects. 

You’ll also learn a range of techniques that can be used to interpret and visualise the information you have collected on your resource use, and how to use that knowledge to set realistic environmental goals for your organisation. 

Grab your space at our training webinar and you will:

  • Learn valuable new skills and acquire knowledge in areas such as staff engagement, energy efficiency and recycling. 
  • Enhance your CV with CPD-certified training. 
  • Get free access to time-saving tools, templates and tried-and-tested-techniques. 


Join the training and you will be able to help your business:

  • Reduce its energy, water and raw material use and play its part in tackling climate change.
  • Increase its profits and create a competitive advantage. 
  • Get access to free consultancy and financial support to improve business efficiency.
  • Demonstrate its commitment to the environment and win new customers.  

Who should attend?

The Green Champions training is designed for anyone in your organisation who influences or has direct responsibility for environmental performance, as well as members of your management team engaged in organisational improvement.

Particularly ideal for:

  • health, safety and environment managers;
  • environmental performance champions;
  • compliance managers;
  • facilities managers; and
  • office/general managers.